Be there even when you’re not

How do you stop the public from wandering into a shop’s warehouse or ensure that a tradesman’s entrance is not being used to gain unauthorized access? With CCTV and video monitors you can be there even when you’re somewhere else. Monitor these entry points or high-risk areas for improved access control and security.

Access control is often combined with CCTV and/or intercom systems to identify and manage the movement of people or vehicles. Access cards, fobs, pin codes and biometrics can be used to control this movement while denying entry to unauthorized visitors. With walk-in thieves and trespassers shut out, you dramatically reduce your exposure to crime while increasing the security of your employees, visitors, confidential material and assets.

Our systems allow for a range of solutions

From small corporate offices to large industrial warehouses, ARM Security can reduce the risk to your commercial premises by installing state of the art electronic security systems. Whether it be a new custom security system or simply an upgrade of an existing alarm system, ARM Security has solutions to suit all security requirements and budgets.

Our electronic security specialists understand that no two commercial premises are alike therefore realizing a “one size fits all” approach isn’t always the answer. If your business has special requirements, one of our consultants can access your premises and recommend the best security system solution customized to your needs.