Maintain Your Independence with Medical Alert Systems

How do you ensure your safety and security without giving up your independence?  By utilizing a medical alert system.  It’s the perfect compromise that gives you access to immediate care and provides your family with peace of mind.  If you’re wary about adding this technology to your home, here are a few ways it can make your life easier without being invasive.

Wearable for Your Convenience

Everyone has a cellphone today, but who actually carries this device around the house?  When you’re at home, it’s easy to forget to bring your phone with you from room to room.  Plus, many smartphones are simply too large to put in your pocket or some similar place on your person.  Our medical alert systems use small, wearable devices that are designed to your lifestyle.  They’re lightweight and convenient, so you don’t even have to think about where it could’ve gone—it’s with you!  Ask us about our waterproof options that you can truly take anywhere.

More than Medical Support

Many people think of medical alert systems as a tool to use when you fall.  That way, you’re never stranded without access to help.  While we do offer this form of support, we also do a lot more than that.  With our monitoring services, we can also help to alert your family if there’s something out of the ordinary happening.  Let’s say you usually go out on Tuesdays for several hours, but for some reason, you have limited activity that day.  And the next day.  Our device will let your family know, so they can contact you or swing by to make sure everything’s okay.

We can even help to monitor your home.  While you (hopefully) have smoke detectors and fire alarms in place, they’re not necessary connected to any emergency services.  For our part, we can not only help you and your family detect a problem, but we can also contact the fire department, ambulatory services, etc. to provide immediate assistance.  So, you’re safe and secure sooner in the event of a fire, smoke exposure, or unsafe carbon monoxide levels.

Help with Your Daily Routine

When you’re living by yourself, it’s nice to have assistance with the everyday things.  Why not have service that combines all the advantages of medical alert with ways to simplify your daily routine?  Our systems can offer medication reminders, automated temperature settings, and more.  We can even have it conform to your daily schedule, so lights turn off after you leave and back on just before you return home.  This applies to security settings, as well, so you have one less thing to worry about.  No more wondering if you remembered to turn off the lights or turn down the thermostat.  This is one service everyone can benefit from!

Many people can utilize our medical alert systems.  Consider it a tool that increases your safety even as it helps to maintain your independence.  If you’ve looked into similar programs in the past, you should see what more we have to offer at ARM Security Systems.  We’re happy to meet with you, and your family, to choose the best services for your lifestyle.  Contact us today for a free quote!